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Table Top Still and Still Accesories

 Very similar stills are used in New Zealand for making alcohol. It's legal to  distil small amounts of alcohol there, and they've developed some interesting products.

This one's for the distillation of water and will produce a bottle of distilled product in a couple of hours.

It runs on electricity, is very efficient and silent and is aircooled. No need for running water.

Distilled water is perfect for adding to your liquers and for blending drinks

There's more about the still and it's many uses here 

These are the best selling stills in the UK!!

Safe and simple to use

Those in the know say to use a triple still yeast to make a wash for the still.

Still includes a smart pack of carbon and smart rings

The still works more efficiently and smoother if you add a packet of smart rings to the still with the wash. If you've already bought a still off us give us shout, and we'll send you a free packet of smart rings!!!

It takes about three hours to produce a bottle of distillate.

Pur away the first teaspoon ful as it tastes of the metal coil, then take off just 75cl of distillate.

This will be at about 60%, if you make it up to a litre with cold water it gives you about 40%.

You can pull off up to a litre of distillate but after the first 75cl the taste is not as good!


Beginners Still Kit- Special Offer!!

Beginners kit for the still.

Contains two buckets, airlock, hydometer, thermometer, triple still yeast, turbo klar finings, deluxe telescopic syphon, two pint jug, large stirring spoon.And, essentially! A alcohol hydrometer that tells you the alcohol content of the finished product. Also three essences to get you started!

A whiskey, a rum and a brandy

Plus the simple to use compact still with smart pack carbon, cleaner and smart rings!

All at a bargain price which is a huge  saving  over buying all the bits seperately.

The equipment can also   be used for making wine and beer

Smart Carbon

Spare carbon filters for the still.  Two filters in the pack.

Spare Rubber Gasket for Still

The Smart Seal. It's the big rubber gasket that goes on the lid of the still.

You might need to replace thia after a while, so we got a few spares for you!

Table Top Still - Alcohol Still - Air Still

This is the complete still, the picture shows the white plastic pot which holds the carbon filter.The clear plastic container is also supplied and is for collecting the distillate.The whole machine is  about the size of a glass demijohn and is very compact and easy to use.

The price  includes, smart cleaner, mains lead, smart carbon , smart rings , smart carbom holder and collecting jug. All inclusive in the price!! 

These are the best selling machines in the UK!! 

This  low temperature still is also used in New Zealand for making alcohol. But must not be used in the UK for this purpose.

Plugs into the mains in the UK.

Takes about 3 hours to distill 75cl of alcohol at 60%. Dilute with tap water up to a litre and it's about 40% which is fine for drinking!


These are not available but you can make on easy enough!

Just get about 3"/75mm of 15mm copper pipe and drill about 8    6mm holes in it. Add it to the still and clean it back to bright copper exch time you use it! Cheers!

Smart Rings

These are ceramic rings. Know as Raschig rings

You add them direct to the still with the wash before you switch it on.

They give a smoother boil and improve efficiency of the still. We strongly recommend them.

They give a smoother boil and improve efficiency of the still. We strongly recommend them.

You just wash them and you can re use them.

They are now supplied with the still, if you bought a still and recieved no rings mail us and we'll send you a free pack.

Smart Clean

Residue Cleaner for the Smart Still

Home Distillation Handbook-


Purely for the sake of interest! We know none of our customers would ever distil alcohol! The book deals with making alcohol from the turbo yeast to distillation.


The Home Distillation Handbook, by Ola Norrman, describes how to make alcoholic spirits at home. Possibly the best book written on the subject, it describes in detail how you can make your own spirits.

Updated yearly, the Swedish version has sold over 100,000 books. And this in Sweden, where a super thriller sells 7,000 books in the same time frame! We now also offer the English version of "Hemmaframstallning av Sprit," the leading book in its field in Sweden for over 20 years.  NOTE: This process is illegal in some countries, as is even the construction of a distillation apparatus following the drawings in the book. It is however, information that can be read in all democratic countries. The information given in the book is not intended to encourage the manufacture of alcohol.

Alcohol Hydrometer 0 to 100% range

Probably the best all round alcohol hydrometer for use with any still.

Allows you to check the alcohol content of distilled product

Especially useful for the beginner, it quickly tells you if you are doing it wrong ! Accurate and easy to use.

temperature comensated so you can check the alcohol as it comes out of the still

Alcohol Hydrometer 75 to 100% Range

Temperature compensated hydrometer, especially for use with reflux stills. Accurate in the hard to read range above 70%!

Not suitable for the stills on this page!

A small thermometer allows for temperature compensation so you get a very accurate reading.

10 degrees of temperature can mean an error in alcohol reading of 5%!

Especially important for those who are after the pure!

Alcohol Hydrometer Standard

Glass hydrometer that will give you an indication of the alcohol content on distilled products.

Scale goes from 0 to 100%

It seems to be fairly accurate especially on anything above 40%!

Alcohol Hydrometer 30 to 60% band

Short scale for accurate reading of distilled alcohol-Temperature compensated

38 Cm long, it's a big hydrometer. Has an internal thermometer so you can compensate for alcohol temperature.

There is an easily read table that allows you to adjust your reading , a variation of  10 degrees in the liquid can cause an error in reading of 5%.

That 5% can mean a big difference when you start drinking!

Alcohol Hydrometer German Made

0 to 100% band,  better quality than the standard.

Slightly longer scale and a bit more robust! It's the one on the left in the picture!

Raschig Rings

A litre bag of Raschig rings.

For use in reflux stills, they allow for smaller columns. These are about 6mm and high quality ceramic. They are designed specifically for use in stills and are not to be confused with the inferior products you can obtain from aquarium suppliers.

They should be cleaned periodically to prevent unwanted odours, you can do this by putting them in the dishwasher.

The bag weighs just over a Kg.

Thermostatic Heater 42 to 55oC

Absolutely useless for fermenting wine or beer! Do not buy for any fermenting purpose

Thermostatic heater for the bucket still

Range goes from 42 to 55 degrees c

But, perfect for another use! If you're looking for a special heater for the smart still made with plastic buckets it's ideal!!